Best Seven Coop Game Icons Banners

Best Seven Coop Game Icons Banners


Co-op gaming has revolutionized how we play and connect with friends, offering immersive experiences and shared adventures. Below, we dive into the best seven co-op game icons and banners that have captured the essence of cooperative play.

Borderlands 3 Mayhem Awaits:

Borderlands 3 stands out with its vibrant, chaotic banner that perfectly encapsulates its over-the-top gameplay. The icon, featuring the iconic Psycho Mask, immediately signals a blend of humour and mayhem, inviting players into a world of explosive co-op action.

 A Way Out Brothers in Arms:

The banner of “A Way Out” masterfully portrays the story of two prisoners on the run. Its split-screen icon symbolizes the unique cooperative gameplay where two players must rely on each other to progress through a gripping narrative.

Overcooked 2 Culinary Chaos:

Overcooked 2 brings culinary chaos to life with a colourful, frantic banner featuring chefs in action. The icon, depicting a cooking pot and utensils, hints at the fast-paced cooperative challenges players will face in the kitchen.

It Takes Two Dynamic Duo:

The playful banner of It Takes Two showcases the game’s whimsical art style and creative cooperative puzzles. Its icon, highlighting the two main characters, emphasizes the necessity of working together to overcome obstacles.

Left 4 Dead 2 Survive Together:

Left 4 Dead 2 features a gritty banner that screams survival horror. The hand holding up four fingers is an iconic symbol for fans, immediately recognizable and evoking the cooperative struggle against relentless zombie hordes.

Minecraft Endless Creativity:

Minecraft is synonymous with creativity and exploration. Its banner, with a simple yet iconic blocky art style, and the creeper face icon represent the endless cooperative building and adventures players can embark on in this sandbox world.

Destiny Guardians Unite:

The “Destiny 2” banner highlights the epic sci-fi universe where players can team up as Guardians. The icon, featuring the distinctive Destiny emblem, signifies the vast cooperative experiences in raids, strikes, and multiplayer modes.


These co-op game banners and icons represent the games and convey the essence of their cooperative nature. Whether it’s through intense action, creative building, or thrilling narratives, these games have set a standard for co-op gaming experiences.

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